Drafty Windows – Preparing for Winter in New Orleans

NG_Bluehouse610pixelswLets face it, the “Old New Orleans Charm” we love with our older homes also comes with drafty windows most of the time. If you replaced your single pain windows in your Cottage or Uptown Victorian , you would most likely lose some of its charm so you rather leave them and freeze the two days out of the year that is it cold right?

Here in New Orleans, although we don’t have many cold days, its still good to prepare your home to not only keep it in tip top shape but so you don’t have to freeze those couple nights of the year.

I found this great link from Houselogic.com  – How to Fix Drafty Windows  This has great “how to” and step by step instructions.

If you don’t think you could tackle this yourself, be sure to hire a handyman. Your home will thank you.

Also, do not forget to have your heater/furnace  serviced before the cool weather hits as well!