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31 Easy DIY Upgrades That will Make your Home Look More Expensive

I love a good DIY project around the house. Why not do one that could give your home a little upgrade boast? Not all of these I would classify as an “upgrade” by real estate standards but #2 is my favorite for giving some life to your closet doors. Click on the image to open up the article from a Buzzfeed.


#1 Painting Vinyl Floors will depend on the shape your vinyl floors are in I think. Even a small missing piece and make the paint look not so great.

#Ā 12 Painting Faux Windows on your Garage door looks like a great idea too.

#13 Framing Your Flat Screen TV, I love this idea too. Just don’t plan on getting a bigger anytime soon. The right kind of trim depending on your decor can really bring a room together.

What is your favorite?? Have you tried any of these with success? Comment below and let me know!