Safety in Real Estate – Remembering Beverly Carter

BC-realtorSafety in Real Estate – Remembering Beverly Carter


As a REALTOR, its the kind of thing you hear COULD happen all the time. Actually reading about it is a different story. As I think about Beverly Carter, her family, friends and the community around her suffering from her tragic loss, I can’t help but think about the many times, I have put myself in a similar situation she did. Or how many times, so many other REALTORS do the same thing

Beverly Carter, an Arkansas REALTOR, got a call on a property, and without hesitation, met someone she did not know at a vacant home. She was kidnapped and found in a shallow grave 4 days later. I can go on forever about what she should have done or should not have done. The point is, we have all done it, every REALTOR I know. My heart goes out to her family, friends and community as they go through this terrible loss.

I think this incident has hit home for a lot of REALTORS. Almost every agent I have spoken with in the New Orleans area in the last couple of days has talked about it. In fact, I did it just last week. I got a call on a lease listing I had. A gentleman was flying in from out of town to look at a couple of rentals, but his cell had a different area code than stated where he was flying from. I immediately felt off about the conversation and google the name and number. The information I found, made me feel a little more comfortable but I still had an uneasy feeling. I was meeting him at the same time another agent was showing the property so I knew I would cross paths with another REALTOR and would not be alone, but still, looking back, I could have easily found myself in the same situation as Beverly.

I hope this tragic incident not only creates awareness for REALTORS throughout the country but also creates awareness for buyers, sellers and the community as a whole. I hope buyers start to understand that REALTORS can’t just meet them at the drop of a hat, and sellers should not expect their REALTOR to run to their home with every waking phone call.

Part of our job to make sure buyers are qualified or to screen people who want to see homes. If a REALTOR asks for your ID or more information, please do not take this as prying but as a safety mechanism for everyone involved. Be safe out there.